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When you wish to revamp entire processes and functionalities of your business, then the first step should be taken by implementing an effective and competitive HRMS Software. When your business is a startup, you are totally in the process of expanding it. When you have an established business, you have more number of employees. HR becomes an inevitable part of your company. Functionality of HR team is vast and needs a lot of management. Along with this, they have to constantly keep an eye on existing team members and address their grievances.
The term HRMS many times go with just a free online HRMS software, but when you look upon it as a package of work solving features, no one could ever deny to have a trial of Easy HRMS.
Easy HRMS is one such Free Online HRMS System that can bring a complete change in the operating pattern of your business, staff and HR department staff. The Human Resource management system is designed in such a manner that almost every aspect of HR Management is taken into consideration.

Easy, Scalable and Reliable Features of EasyHRMS

HR Management

HR Management Software is an important part of Easy HRMS since it will take over all the HR Functionalities online maintaining all the minute details of each employee in the system. This HR Software Solution is not only efficient but also saves a lot of time for the HR Officials to focus on other grievances of the employees.

Payroll Management

EasyHRMS is a cloud based payroll management systems. It is smart automation for end-to-end payroll processing, which makes it one of the most asked for payroll management system. Enjoy the most Scalable, robust and simplified payroll processing. Go green with EasyHRMS online payroll software.

Attendance Management

Attendance management system the very much necessary part of any business. It can take care of check in, check outs, leaves and overtime of all employees leading to a transparent environment in the company. With the attendance management system in hand, be sure to have correct salary distributed at the month end.

Leave Management

Leave Management System will look after the leave balances of the employees so that it becomes easy to determine the number of leaves an employee could be provided with in a year. With such system, it becomes easy for the employees also to determine their balance leaves and accordingly, schedule the absenteeism in the company.

Employee Information System

When an employee joins a company, it becomes an earnest responsibility at both ends to update entire data of a person in the company’s system. EASYHRMS, A full proof detailed employee information system, where you can enter the data in few clicks and get every data in one click to simplify all operations.

Appraisal Management

Easy HRMS also offers this innovative feature of Appraisal Management Software which will help the user to observe the work done by each employee and access them during the working terms, defined by the company. With this employee appraisal management system, a company can have a smooth and easy appraisal process, with the most accurate salary hike for an individual.

Recruitment Management

Recruitment management system is very much necessary as well as a competitive task. It ranges from maintaining data and bio-data of employees, tracking of applications and finally resulting in joining and completing the joining process. Thus, increasing overall efficiency and optimizing the process.

Employee Self Service

Easy HRMS will allow the employees to know all the updates that are happening in the organization. Employees are given a particular login id & password to access their information using ESS. Such amenity will enable the employees to know about their attendance & leave balance as well.

Mobile App

In today's era of extra-ordinary technology, Easy HRMS is also very effectively accessible on mobile phones. This software is designed  that even the mobile devices is proven supportive to access the same. With this system, it becomes even easier for the users to use Easy HRMS.


Easy HRMS offers integration with Biometric System as well. It will enable the company to record the in-out time of the employees in the premises through biometric identification. This leads to no space for any fake attendance or false entry in the company.

Address Book

Address Book will effortlessly keep the record of all the employees updated in the HRMS system, be it-ex-employees, existing employees and prospective employees. For any detail of any employee of the Organization, address book is an exact place to find.

SMS Module

Module of SMS is designed for quick reachability to the employees. It send SMS at once to all the employees informing them about the latest news and updates about the company. It will also send an alert to the employees in case of irregularity or misconduct at the company premise.

Core Features You Need To Know About HRMS System - Easy HRMS Software

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It incorporates features such as Payroll Management system, Attendance Management, Leave Management, Employee Information System, Appraisal Management, Recruitment Management, Employee Self Service, Mobile App Access and Inventory Management.
By having such efficient Human resource management software, it becomes easy for HR executives, entire HR department and owner of the companies to have details of new recruits, track of attendance and leave, and many more features become automated. As mentioned above, these features sums up as follows:

 Employee Payroll Management

 Human Resource Management

 Employee Attendance Tracking

Employee Info Management

 Appraisal Management

Employee Self Service

Leave Management

 Inventory Management

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  • Easy HRMS - BackOffice for your Business Easy HRMS is truly an innovative software as it allows us to function virtually. It causes least hassle while working and allows us to maintain our records safe and secured. We are happy to use this software. Written by: Gujarat Die casting Date published: 04/15/2015 4.6 / 5 stars
  • Easy HRMS - BackOffice for your Business We are immensely satisfied with all the features that Easy HRMS has to offer. With the usage of this software, we could see smooth working in all the departments of the company. It is cost effective as well as user friendly helping us to deliver the best outcome at the end of the day. Written by: Glorious Creation Date published: 04/15/2015 4.8 / 5 stars