Polyclinic & Clinic HR Management System

Hospital, Polyclinic & Clinic HR Management System

Polyclinic is a clinic where a group of doctors from various specialization fields come together and start this clinic. This is convenient to the patients as it reduces the time of travelling to meet specialists, when the polyclinic has everything under one roof. It increases the flow of the patients. This can be difficult to manage for the staff as well as the doctors at the clinic. Thus, EasyHRMS Clinic HR Management System is developed for the systematic function at the clinic. Clinic HR Software allows online appointment, maintains the records of each doctors as well as the patients, timesheet, etc.

Clinic HR Management System

Session / Appointment Based

EasyHRMS Clinic HR Management System removes the hassle of waiting in a queue to get an appointment with the doctor at the clinic. Clinic HR Management Software allows the patients to book the appointments online. They can utilize this online service from any location and book an appointment with the preferred doctor according to the availability of the doctor. The doctors are able to access these appointments and thus keep the previous reason for visit as well as the prescriptions ready. This software also sends a reminder of the next visit to the doctor. This leads to the smooth flow of operations thus reducing the manual work.


EasyHRMS Clinic HR Management System does not let the manual scheduling and time tracking get in the way of work. This helps in tracking the time worked by everyone in the team. It gives a break down on the time utilized in sessions, appointments, trainings. Clinic HR Software helps in identifying the tasks that is keeping the team occupied. Inefficiencies can be identified and corrective measures can be taken. This helps in motivating the inefficient staff. Scheduling or rescheduling of staff shifts can also be done online. It avoids human error and there is transparency in the records.

Timesheet- EasyHRMS
HR Management System

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