Club HR Management System

Resort, Hotel & Club HR Management System

Management is an integral part of a business if it has to survive the initial years and thrive thereafter. With so much activity happening in the clubs, resorts and hotels, management software is a must have. The Membroz Easy HRMS software help these organisations better manage their staff and be prepared customers going in and out on a daily basis. Having the best room service, providing the best ambience can only be made possible if the organisation is functioning as a well-oiled machine. Easy HRMS will be the oil to your machine-like structure.

Resort, Hotel & Club HR System
Timesheet- EasyHRMS


With the EasyHRMS Software, the staffs working hours can be tracked accurately from any location. It helps the manager to know the real time of the staff, even when they logged in and out from work. It generates the daily, weekly and monthly timesheets which can be used to generate their payroll. If the employee is not making proper use of time or is inefficient at the task, motivation sessions can be organized for them. Timesheet can also be used for scheduling and rescheduling the staff shift if need be. This helps in keeping a track as well as motivating the staff to give optimum results.

Session & Commission

For a business to thrive, it needs cash flow and the only way to achieve that is by having quality sales team to pitch your services the right way to your potential buyers. Being online might help you reach a larger audience but in order to convert potential customers to customers you need a sales team. A sales team drive your point across for you and in order for them to do it, it is important that you compensate them well. With Easy HRMS, commission tracking is a breeze; just punch in how you want to calculate commission and the system will do the rest for you.
HR Management System

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