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Consulting & Coaching HRMS

Easy HRMS Consulting HR Management System for consulting and coaching centres is an excellent management software that helps automate regular necessary tasks. Institutes that do not have a separate HR team can use Easy HRMS for all their HR solutions. This can include employee management, student management and salary management to name a few. Some of the key features of Easy HRMS for institutes are,

HR Management System

Session / Appointment Based

With so much competition in the coaching sector, students prefer going to institutions to better understand which centre to go for. Having a consulting team for your institute is important to convince students to opt for your institute. Consulting HR Management System can be used to manage appointments and (consulting) sessions. This helps the employees prepare and stay on schedule to conduct the maximum number of sessions possible. Easy HRMS can also be used by coaching institutes to schedule home visit or video sessions to better present their point across.

Class / Membership Fees Commission

It is very important for a business to compensate its employees that get new sources of revenue. Commission is the best way to do that, with EasyHRMS Consulting HR Management System you can set the percentage of commission to be given per sale/inside-sale based on the service/product that is sold. An employee that conducts extra/private classes for the institute can be rewarded with class commission for working more than the rest. If your institute has packages based on the services provided and if an employee manages to convince student to an upgrade, they can be rewarded with a certain percent of membership fees.

Timesheet- EasyHRMS


Timesheets in coaching/consulting institutes can have multiple purposes. It can be used to keep a track of employee working hours. It also helps set weekly class timetables for both the students and teachers. Timesheet integrated with biometric logins can be used to track attendance of employees as well as students. It can also help set the optimal shifts for your employees to get the best out of them. With Easy HRMS timesheet helps save chaos when it comes to scheduling classes and managing your staff.

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