Dietician & Nutritionist HR Management System

Dietician & Nutritionist HR Management System

Dieticians/Nutritionists are qualified professionals with the skills to provide expert nutrition and dietary advice. They provide advice on nutrition-related matters. Dietitians can also change diets to help manage conditions such as: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Dieticians/Nutritionists in the hospitals and clinics educate patients and family members on eating well. They work with them to make sure that diets meet individual needs. They develop menus to meet patients’ nutritional needs, so that the people are fit and healthy.
Dietician & Nutritionist HR Management System

Session / Appointment Based

The Dieticians/Nutritionists have to cater to each one’s needs individually; it is a difficult task. With the EasyHRMS Nutritionist HR Management System the patients can book for appointments online on the basis of the expert’s availability. The patients can fill in the area of concern. The experts are then well prepared before meeting the patients. They have the time to come up with the solutions for the patients problems. The patients can also attend the sessions conducted by the experts: by registering for the same on the online portal. This helps in the systematic working at the clinic and patients are also content with the service provided.

Class / Membership Fees Commission

To ease the work the Dieticians/Nutritionists can conduct classes for patients that have the same area of concern by using EasyHRMS Nutritionist HR Management System. This also helps the fellow experts at the clinic to conduct classes as per the free time available. The experts conducting the classes receive the membership fees commission on the bases of the patients attending their class/workshop. This motivates the experts to give in their best and improves their efficiency.

Class / Membership Fees Commission
HR Management System

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