Employee Self Service

Employee Dashboard

Employees are issued their respective login id’s and password through then can sign in to their dashboard. It will notify the employees with all the new updates of the organization.

Employee Dashboard​


Profile is just an online version of Job Description. Employees can very well review their tasks and purpose in the company using this feature.This saves a lot of time for the HR Department.

Self Assessment

Self-Assessment portal has certain questions feed down which the employees have to answer to keep a check on their performance. Allows employees’ to review their own performance.

Self Assessment​
Holiday Details​

Holiday Details

Every organization has a certain holiday list designed for the entire year. This Holiday Details could be acknowledged to the employees through this feature of Employee Self Service.

Salary Details

Employee Self-Service let the employees’ know about the detailed salary structure disclosing all the deductions and allowances that the company has to offer to different designations.

Salary Details​
Leave Details

Leave Details

In a way, employee self-service system is integrated with the leave management, attendance management and payroll services so that it could update the employees about their attendance status.

Attendance Details

Attendance Detail will display the number of days present in a month. It will also inform the employees about the check-in and check-out time, overtime and under time.

Attendance Details​
TDS/Investment Declaration

TDS/Investment Declaration

Employee Self Service Portal also allows the employees to check whether TDS is cut or not from the salary and it also mentions the calculation and amount of the same.

Reset Password

Employee Self Service is only meant for the employees. They could login using the given username and password and are allowed to change the password, if need arises.

Reset Password​

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