Venue & Event HR Management System

Venue & Event HR Management System

EasyHrms software provides a wide range of functions in one place that simplifies and automates the event process. It helps in creating a successful event taking into consideration all the factors affecting the event. It provides simple registration process, venue sourcing, timesheet and attendance, calculates sales and commission, marketing of the event, etc. Some of the functions are mentioned below

timesheet & Attendance

Timesheet & Attendance

Timesheet and Attendance feature, allows you to keep a track attendance at your seminars, trainings, workshops, etc. It captures the attendance in detail as it is automated and provides real time data; so there is no chance of manual errors. This helps to keep a track of the attendees as well as the employees at the event. It captures the check-in and check-out time of the employees which can be then synced to their payroll. With this you can understand if your employee is inefficient and needs improvement. With the data of the attendees, you can understand if the event was successful or not as per the goals set for the event.

Sales & Commission​

Sales and Commission function in the software has an automated calculator that is used to track the sales and the commission. As the process is automated, the risk of manual error is avoided. It helps in calculating the sales earned and commission payment accurately. It provides timely reports that can be used for audits and gives a clear picture of the business. Thus, if the business is not making the desired results; the necessary actions can be taken.

HR Management System

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