Franchise HR Management System

Distributor & Franchise HR Management System

If you’re a Franchise or a distributor with multiple branches/outlets, EasyHRMS Franchise HR Management System is designed especially for you. It makes it easy to micro-manage all the locations under one roof. EasyHRMS makes it easy to have an eagle eye view on all your branches to help you gain maximum profitability and output. It helps find flaws in operation where your franchise/locations is losing money and make changes to generate revenue. EasyHRMS also weed out franchise/locations that do no adhere to the set process and correct them. Let’s look at some of the other benefits of having an EasyHRMS service for your franchise.

HRMS Automation
timesheet & Attendance

Timesheet & Attendance

Timesheet & Attendance feature helps you track the productivity of a location by calculating the working hours against the output provided. This also helps you set working hours as per any given locations peak business hours rather than setting standard business hours. This helps in getting the most out of a location by keeping it open for its peak hours and avoid losing potential future customers. If you’d like people to work based on their job responsibility, same can be set-up with EasyHRMS Franchise HR Management System e.g., customer service team can work during morning hours for attending customers and back-end team can work after business that don’t need to interact with customers. This is especially useful when you’ve limited working space preventing multiple teams from working together.

Sales & Commission

This is a self-explanatory one, as it lets you set commission percentage for sales made by an individual. Franchise HR Management System also helps you track the number of sales made by a franchise/distributor location under your network. Depending on the profit earned by your franchise for a fiscal year, you can set the commission that you’d like to give your employees to reward them for their effort. It also helps you with marketing strategy by letting you know the product/services that are sold the most by your franchise/distributor location. Letting you push either lesser known product/services or the most sold ones across by marketing them, the choice is yours.

HR Management System

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