Gym HR Management System

Gym, Yoga Studio & Fitness Centre HRMS

Starting a gym, yoga studio or fitness centre is not easy, but it can be extremely beneficial if you’re willing to put in the hard work. Waking up at sunrise and motivating your clients to reach the healthy and fit level, is something that you should be good at. Apart from this, you have to look for the correct location, finance, suitable software, staff and equipment. Gym HR management system is accurate and suitable for the systematic functioning of operations in the studio. It is digital and avoids the manual work, thus there is no chance of error and you can focus on your work peacefully.

Gym HR Management System
Timesheet- EasyHRMS


Timesheet helps us each one of us to be on track, be it for an individual or as a whole. Not just being on track, but it also helps us understand the time required to complete a particular task. It can be used to track the number of hours a trainer uses for training the clients in a day, weeks and even months. It can also be used to schedule or reschedule the employee’s shifts if required and also helps us initiate the work life balance policy. We can understand the efficiency of the employees and take the necessary actions to improve.

Session & Appointment Based

It is always good to know what the day is going to be like i.e. what the various sessions to be taken in the day. Whenever any client attends a session or comes for their appointment, they have to be given full attention by making proper use of the allotted time. EasyHRMS software lets us create sessions/appointments give appointments to the clients. This helps the clients in selecting a time slot as per the availability. The employees can thus focus during the sessions, thus increasing the positive feedbacks from the clients as well as helps in receiving many clients.
Class / Membership Fee Commission

Class / Membership Fee Commission

Whether it be a dedicated sales team that works on getting you new customers or employees that do inside-sales to existing customers, at some point in time you will have to reward them. As they do their best to convince people to buy your services. All you have to do it setup employee codes and the percentage of commission that needs to be calculated per sale made. As the employee/agent makes a sale their code is punched in and the Easy HRMS software calculates the percentage of commission and links it to that employee, as easy as that.

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