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Employee Self-Service

With EasyHRMS Mobile Application, the employees could acknowledge themselves with the recent Announcements and updates of the organization through an employee dashboard. They could get all the information from their mobile device by just signing in to the ESS Mobile application.

Employee Self-Service


EasyHRMS Mobile Application allows the employees to get an instant update on any new announecemnts made in the company. This announcement may be regarding any meeting or celebration in the company premise.

Leave Management

Using this function of EasyHRMS, employees can keep a check on the number of leaves taken by them in a month. Also, they could check on the balance leave available in their account. EasyHRMS Mobile Application maks it very much convenient for the employees to keep a check on their leave record.

Leave Management

Attendance Management

Attendance Management makes it easy for the employees to check their regularity at their work place. They could also determine their monthly salary analyzing their daily attendance sheet through this module in mobile application.

State Of The Art Features Of EasyHRMS

EasyHRMS is just a technologically advanced method of managing the company working system online. EasyHRMS mobile application is an another way of maintaining higher level of effectiveness and excellence in the organization’s management system. It Consists of the following convincing features:

state of art

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