Employee Payroll Management System

Payroll Leave Structure

Payroll Management System includes a customizable Payroll procedure setup which allows the organization to customize the system as per the need and process of the organization. Our payroll services for small business as well as huge enterprises are designed in such a way that all aspects of the basic salary model are included in it. Once our accounting structure is in-line with your company process, it works on its own to enter carry forward leave, deduct salary as per LWP, and include CL and PL as per the schedule.

Payroll Process

Payroll Process

Payroll Process Category in our payroll management system software includes various trivial aspects of salary calculations such as deductions and allowances offered to each employee. EasyHRMS is one of its kind payroll software for HR that can define the most difficult salary process in the simplest manner.

Payroll Salary Structure

Employee Payroll Slabs such as basic salary, TDS, advance salary, tax exemption may differ with each employee or designations. Employee Payroll management system structure is designed in such a way that a drop down can be selected for every employee. After completion of the software back-end entry, every employee can see their individual dashboard. Payroll Software for HR can be integrated with the leave management Software. Easy HRMS is very well designed software, keeping in mind all the business requirements and other aspects that would enable easy flow of working in the organization.

Payroll Settings​

Payroll Settings

Payroll Settings is the most needed advancement in salary structure for big companies. Payroll Settings feature in payroll management system allows many functionalities which include ‘Enable Overtime, Enable Under Cut, Enable Advance Salary, Enable Bonus, Enable TDS as per the need of the organization and based on individual employees.

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