Restaurant HR Management System

Cafe, Pubs & Restaurant HR Management System

You just need to have a business plan and a good management software for the restaurant, pubs and bar business to flourish. The EasyHrms Restaurant HR Management System software is developed to provide you with all the required functions needed for the efficient functioning of the business. This software can be used for dinning as well as for take way orders. It helps in improving the quick service as it helps keep every restaurant operation aligned.

Restaurant HR Management System​


This feature manages the delivery system efficiently by providing real time status updates to the customers. The delivery orders are prepared just in time for pickup by providing accurate arrival time. This software shares optimum rote navigation that can be used for quick delivery of the items. Orders from different customers that have to be delivered in the same location can be picked up by a delivery staff, thus making other staff available for different orders. It tracks the delivery order as well as manages the delivery well without any disruptions.


Gone are the days of manually entering the employee’s hours into spreadsheets. EasyHrms Restaurant HR Management System software helps in scheduling, rescheduling and keeping a track of the employee’s time. The employees are notified about the rescheduling of shift by a notification on their mobile thus avoiding no show and overstaffing. It helps in keeping the track of the employees as well as keeps them informed. Apart from this, the timesheet can be connected to the employee’s payroll wherein the risk of manual error is prevented.

Timesheet- EasyHRMS
HR Management System

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