Salon HR Management System

Wellness Centre, Spa & Salon HR Management System

Whether you are in the spa, salon or wellness centre business, EasyHrms Salon HR Management System software provides a variety of functions under one roof. These functions are designed to manage the whole business be it from the appointment booking to having a track of the employees. The software is adaptable and has taken every aspect of business into consideration. It makes managing the business easily and provides a good experience to the customers. Let’s look at some of the key features.

Wellness Centre, Spa & Salon HR Management System

Session / Appointment Based

EasyHrms Salon HR Management system software comes with a calendar scheduling feature that can manage the appointments. This allows the customers to book appointments online through the website or mobile app as per the availability of slots. This feature also provides cancelling and rescheduling option wherein the staff and the client are notified about the changes done. This eliminates the error of double booking or no show; there is good communication as well as smooth functioning of the business. Thus, the employees know the appointments for the day. This software also helps in maintaining the customer’s history, preferences and contact details.


Timesheet is basically a real time tracker. It provides input on the attendance, working hours and free time regarding the staff. This helps in understanding the efficiency of the staff. If the employee is efficient and is good at the work, they can be given some rewards. And, if the employee is not efficient enough, they can be motivated by providing trainings. This feature also helps the employees in making full use of their time by switching their shifts if required. Thus, maintaining work life balance. 

Timesheet- EasyHRMS
HR Management System

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