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Travelling (being a nomad) is how mankind set communities and formed clans. Now, we travel for leisure, to get away, to unwind from all the work stress. Sectors that help us travel like the airlines, buses and cruise ship don’t necessarily provide their best offers to individuals that travel once a year. But if you’re a company that facilitates travelling for people, you’re bound to get offers from the big players in the travel sector for getting them the business. In order to take advantage and maximise the number of sales you make for your company you need the following features of HRMS software.
Timeshare HR Management System
Timesheet- EasyHRMS


Employees are the biggest assets to a company. Managing them in order to get the best out of them is the what makes and breaks your travel industry. Here’s where timesheet comes in to the picture. It can be used to understand the time an employee spends to get a certain number of sales. It can also be used to track the number of hours an employee clocks per week. This can help the HR understand who is over exerting them and who isn’t meeting their full potential. The key to a fast-paced industry like travel is its ability to manage people to get the best possible outcome.

Sales & Commission

No matter how much a travel industry spends on advertisements, having sales people to further grow your income is paramount. It is a well-known fact that people who get revenue for your business need to be highly compensated. As they bring in new customers and unlock new sources of income. Rather than tracking them on a day to day basis. Easy HRMS lets you set standard commission percentage on a particular sale made and calculates to be paid commission automatically. Managers of these sales agents can feed in the data and the system does the rest.


Often times with tours and travels, it isn’t just about the common tourist routes that have a scheduled pattern. The major revenue source for a travels industry is its private package offering. It can cover the entire family or an individual that want custom routes. This includes providing them with their personal car (7-seater), traveller buses, mini buses. It also means providing them with drivers as well that drive them around. This trip-based system can also be used for tourists visiting countries that want the exclusive experience. Trip-based system helps you effortlessly track your resources while providing the tourists with the best experience possible.

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