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Service, Maintenance & Workshop HR Management System

Service and maintenance workshop are all about providing the best after sales services in any given industry. Whether it be a network provider, a smartphone company, an electronics company or an automobile company. Making sales is not the end of the line. What follows after a customer is on boarded is what truly helps your company grow by providing the best in class services to your customer for the product they bought. In order for you to provide the best service EasyHRMS Workshop HR Management System let you tap in to your employee’s full potential and also enhance processes by using the following features.

HR Management System

Session / Appointment Based

If you’re in the service/maintenance industry in order to have the fastest turnaround time to help provide your customers with the best service. The EasyHRMS software helps you by letting you create appointment/session options for your customers. Customers planning to visit your store need to take an appointment in advance. This timing system helps understand the company where it needs to focus on. Workshop HR Management System helps you understand which complaint takes the longest time to solve. It also gives the manager/HR an insight into which employee is the most efficient with the most positive feedbacks.


Timesheet in the service industry can have multiple uses. The standard benefit is to track an employee’s working hours. Workshop HR Management System can also be used to understand the efficiency with which tasks are completed. Timesheets can be used for scheduling staff shifts for shift based working environment. This helps circulate equal distribution of employees through the day while also ensuring that no one is over worked or under worked.

Timesheet- EasyHRMS

Job Based

Job based management helps track the proficiency of an employee. The tasks that an employee takes longer to perform compared to average time means there is space for improvement. This can help HR/Managers to schedule training for that employee for that particular tasks. It can also help HR/Managers allocate employees to workstations based on the task employees are good at. Job based management through EasyHRMS Workshop HR Management System also helps HR gauge where changes are needed in a process to speed it up for better and faster service provide thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

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